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February 12, 2019 3:44 am
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This is our weekly contribution to the Rose Commodity Group Website.  SMC is a Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”) registered with the CFTC specializing in natural gas futures movement.  The goal of our SMC Natural Gas Advisory service is to provide the best advice on natural gas market movement in order for clients to establish the most beneficial hedging or speculative market positions possible as well as thoughtful insight for physical traders.  We have been producing our standardized SMC Report Service since 2003, and clients have included hedgers and physical traders in end-use businesses such as agriculture, fertilizer, manufacturing, steel and other metals, paper, etc., as well as large natural gas producers, electric utilities, banks, gas marketing companies, and hedging institutions.  Clients have also included speculators such as commodity funds, hedge funds, large banks, and high net worth individuals.  In summary, we serve those entities that have a large exposure to upcoming movement in NYMEX natural gas futures and look to establish the best market positions possible.  If you’d like to examine or compare our work for a few weeks, contact us at or (501) 240-6700.  We provide snippets each week for the Rose Commodity Group Website.  These brief comments are general market thoughts and should not be relied on for trading purposes.

Our approach to the market involves seasonal tendencies, fundamentals, experience, history, and technical considerations.  It was developed and validated with profitable, speculative trading experience that spanned 13-years.

This Week’s Market Comments:

In our seasonal approach to the market, we break the year down into 4 seasonal periods.   We are now in the January-March winter period in which market decline is the predominate tendency.  In late December, we had put forth expectations for several market swings in the winter period which are discussed fully in our monthly and weekly reports.  Our assumptions going in were that we would see several large market swings with the initial one to the upside and then a final downward swing to end such movement in late February or March.

As to the current situation, as anticipated, the first winter seasonal market swing was to the upside, as we had thought, and actually topped out in the mid to upper $3’s as we had targeted.  After achieving $3.722 on January 15th, it has drifted all the way back down into the mid $2.50’s with only a relatively brief counter trend rally 3-weeks ago from $2.957 to $3.207.  The downside has been facilitated by the elimination of the year-over-year storage deficit and the increasing doubts as to whether the forecasted cooler than normal weather for February will ever really materialize.  We consider this deep downside to be the large downward swing that we anticipated would conclude our winter seasonal in late February or March.  Please review our full body of work as to our thoughts on how deep and how long this decline might go.    

As to the coming week, the NYMEX natural gas futures market is currently resting about 15-cents lower than the previous week at $2.583 after a week where it first opened 3-cents lower at $2.705, and after putting in the high of the week in short order at $2.733, it headed lower to $2,549 on Thursday afternoon and a weak close on Friday.  We look for an immediate downward test of significant support at $2.53 as we start the next week, and unless $2.53 proves pretty solid, we look for our 3½-week decline to continue.

Much more detail on projected price level and timing of market movement for our entire January-March winter season is included in our SMC Natural gas advisory reports.  These can be sampled by contacting us at (501) 240-6700 or

Bio of SMC natural gas advisory service:

SMC is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") as a Commodity Trading Advisor ("CTA"), and as such, it has had the ability to trade speculatively for others and to provide advice to outside entities in regard to movement in NYMEX natural gas futures.  At this time, SMC is solely engaged in the latter activity.    

SMC was incorporated in 1988 and business endeavors have included founding, growing, and selling a natural gas marketing company, speculative futures trading, and, since 2003, a natural gas futures advisory service specializing in upcoming market movement.  All endeavors with SMC have been successful with speculative proprietary trading activity especially so.  As such, SMC market perspective and advice is backed with a successful track record in natural gas futures that began in 1991.  Please feel free to call or email SMC with inquiries or questions at (501) 240-6700 or

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