Data Acquisition and Analysis

Rose Commodity Group provides a vast array of data services to clients from producers to consumers at the opposite end of the supply chain. Dr. Rose has worked as a data scientist in Fortune 100 corporations, and specializes in extracting insightful, actionable information from both public and private data.

Our data services include, but are not limited to:

  • Data sourcing from both public and private sources, specializing in locating obscure data
  • Development of custom data and statistical models
  • Data mining
  • Cutting-edge analysis of big data including high-level multivariate, Bayesian, and nonparametric analyses
  • Assistance in navigating USDA databases and data sources, including accurate writing, review and follow-up services on FOIA requests. Rose Commodity Group provides similar services across a number of other public international databases and data sources
  • Rose Commodity Group offers data services to clients requiring assistance with both observational and experimental data
  • Analysis of, and inferences from, proprietary producer farm-level data